Back to the Mac: The Morning After

(OK, so it’s afternoon… I’m a busy boy!)

Yesterday’s Back to the Mac event was met with requisite enthusiasm by all the usual suspects. For me, these events typically fall in the middle of a busy work day so I’m left having to intermittently take short peeks at live-blogs, even though Apple streamed the event live through their website.

If you read my post yesterday, you likely weren’t surprised at any of Apple’s announcements. Most of the Apple-watchers out there pretty much nailed the agenda for the Back to the Mac event!

By now, anyone that cares already knows what was announced yesterday, so instead of rushing a post out yesterday afternoon, I decided to go home and watch the entire keynote last evening.

So, to summarize, here’s what I saw…

  1. iLife 11 – I was a little surprised that this was the first item of the event, but I suppose it makes sense considering Jobs is the ultimate showman and always saves the best for last! iLife 11 looks like a solid upgrade (for $49), at least the bits they changed.
    iPhoto 11 – I’ve never used iPhoto, mainly because I’ve got too many pictures. I’ve been working on and off as a professional photographer for years now and subsequently have amassed more than 100,000 digital images. I’ve never liked the way iPhoto wants to move your pictures into its own catalogue – I like things left where I put them. But, at the same time I’ve always envied iPhoto’s integration with other Mac apps and cool slideshow features. iPhoto 11 has enough enhancements that I might finally give it a try, at least for my personal images. MacWorld summary of new features and first impressions here.
    GarageBand 11 – Looks like fun, but I don’t use it. I build my Defaultworld programmes with Toast and Bias Peak. MacWorld summary of new features and first impressions here.
    iMovie 11 – Now this looks like something worth playing with. I do a lot of small video projects and I currently use Final Cut Express and TechSmith’s Camtasia Mac. I’ve always found iMovie lacking in features and a bit awkward to work with but iMovie 11 seems to have really matured. You can read the feature list on Apple’s page. The improvements in Audio editing alone could make iMovie 11 my go-to editor for short projects.
    iWeb 11 & iDVD 11 – The icons were there, but weren’t mentioned! I’ll do some poking around and see if anything changed.
  2. FaceTime Mac – Meh… does this mean I have to shave before I use my Mac? I don’t own an iPhone 4 and I don’t really need to see anyone’s face when I talk to them. It’s a cute feature, basically iChat v2.
  3. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion – Apple’s been hard at work since releasing Snow Leopard. This new OS looks like it will bring the best of iOS technology to the desktop. However, while some striking interface changes are promised I’ll withhold comment until I see some real (read: work-related) apps such as Photoshop running. Besides, as snow comes to the Canadian Rockies, next summer seems a LONG time away. So while you’re waiting for me to get off the pot, you can read some first impressions from Gizmodo.
  4. Mac App Store – Modelled on the wildly successful iTunes App store, Apple announced that the Mac App Store would be a part of OS X Lion. However, not wanting to wait until Summer 2011 to start the cavalcade of cash rolling in, Jobs revealed the Mac App Store for Snow Leopard would launch this quarter. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. As a consumer, I like the idea of one-stop-shopping, however the paranoid within fears Apple trying to control the desktop App market they way they currently control the iOS App market.

MacBook Air – That is one SWEET hunk o’aluminum.

Me WANT… me CANNOT justify… me CRY!

Sadly, my minimalist lifestyle requires me to have a maximalist laptop — a portable that will do desktop work. For pleasure, I’m still holding out for a second gen iPad! Here’s MacWorld’s first look at the 11.6″ Macbook Air… for 13″ just take everything they say and add 18%.

So, that’s about it – if you’re keen, here’s the link to watch it yourself. Jobs was looking energetic and relatively healthy… Apple’s stock price is on its way back up after Tuesday’s plummet so life is looking pretty good in Cupertino.

Now, if I could only buy an iPhone 4 without standing in line!

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3 Responses

  1. Norm says:

    Got my iPhone 4 last week from the Apple store. Stood in line at 0840 and by 0855, got a reservation time for 1630 (could have gotten taken the 1330 time). Went in at 1625 and an energetic blue-shirted young man came to take my money and hook up my spanky new 32GB phone. Opted for the InCase clear acrylic half shell to provide some protection and still see the whole beautiful work of industrial art.

    Oh, tested tethering today. iPhone 3g to bluetooth to MBP. Works pretty well. Not quite sure what the data transfer penalty was, but seemed noticeably slower than my Aircard. Will try the USB connection next time. Another year before I toss the Aircard….sigh.

  2. Midtoad says:

    Zac, sure the Air is pretty, and slim, but what’s your use case? I don’t see where you’d use it. At this late point in the year, I’d be thinking about waiting for the 2g iPad. And with the recent discovery of the fragile glass back of iPhone 4, I’d also be thinking about waiting for the upgrade. BTW a Chinese company has just released a brushed aluminum replacement back for the iPhone 4 – looks both good and useful.

    (composed on my iPad).

  3. zac says:

    Midtoad… if you read to the bottom of my post, that’s precisely what I said. Likely my next Apple purchase will be a 2gen iPad. The only reason I’d go for an iPhone 4 right now would be to maximize the resale value on my old phone – not really a compelling reason. I have to say that iOS4 runs really well on my phone.

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