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The Quark Alternative

On Friday, November 8th 2002 I made the switch to InDesign. After spending the week building a print flyer for a local drugstore chain in QuarkXPress 5, I sat down to export a press-ready PDF. Three frustrating hours later I still hadn’t managed to squeeze a PDF, or even a usable postscript file out of the buggy XPress release. I threw up my hands in despair and that moment decided to spend the weekend learning InDesign and rebuilding my job.

Software updates you’ll never forget! 0

Software updates you’ll never forget!

Beatles selling well, Adobe and Quark update their product.


Quark Flashes!

Recognizing that the dissemination of information cannot be limited to print alone, Quark been hard at work growing their traditional publishing market into Flash™, interactive and web-based media. Quark’s had a tough go of...