CES 2011 Day Four: Last Monorail Out of Vegas

Las Vegas Monorail

It’s day four at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and time for wrapping up.

Imaging Square from Casio

I started out at the Casio booth to look over a new free software service they offer called Imaging Square. It allows users to process their digital photo images into art work images. Casio expects the Imaging Square service to be online next month.

Lady Gaga Demonstrating Polaroid GL20 Glasses

When a classic brand tries to reinvent itself, you have to root for it. In this case Polaroid has gone Gaga, literally. Polaroid has hired Lady Gaga as Creative Director to help launch its “Grey Label by Haus of Gaga” line of consumer electronics (video here). Polaroid is expanding from its imaging photo roots into a full line consumer electronics brand of cameras, video recorders, HDTVs and home theater.

Quadricopter w/ WiFi Video to iPhone or iPad

And finally the toys. The AR Drone by Parrot is an indoor/outdoor quadricopter. Controlled from any iPad, iTouch or iPhone, the AR Drone contains a Wi-Fi video camera feed that gives you real time video. The next generation of radio controlled toys to harass your cat or dog is here!

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Murata Manufacturing Murata Boy bicycle & Murata Girl unicycle robots

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  1. Norm says:

    …”My heart is human
    My blood is boiling
    My brain IBM”…

    Somehow, “My brain Apple Inc” just doesn’t sound quite the same. Obviously something wrong with the song! 🙂

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