CES 2011 Day Two: At Play and Work

Beamz Player Demo at CES 2011

Interactive devices are everywhere at Consumer Electronics Show (CES). One that caught my eye is taking air guitar to the next level, the Beamz Player. Pick the instrument you want and strum away. The Beamz player is a 3 foot x 1 ½ foot device that projects laser beams between its columns. As your hand breaks the beams, you “play the light”. Professional versions of the software allow hook ups to lighting and voice systems and are targeted at the DJ market.

Mili Pico Power Projector for iPhone and iPad

If you can imagine an accessory you want for your mobile devices, then it’s probably here at CES. The Power Pico Projector from MiLi Power for iPhone and iPad is amazing example of how small a projector can go. Ideal for sales professionals, it has a 1.5 hour battery and built-in speaker that projects presentations and videos up to 10 feet.

Country Booths at CES 2011 - Taiwan Area

At CES there are the country booths. Country booths are a backwater warren of small cubicles staffed with manufacturers from Singapore, China, Taiwan and Japan. These vendors have jumped on the mobile devices and iPad tablet bandwagons. My walk through survey found over 25 Asian manufacturers showcasing iPad like devices with Windows 7 and Android operating systems. If Wintel (Microsoft and Intel) or Android (Google) provide industry leadership for a non-Apple tablet market, Asia manufacturing is ready to provide the devices.

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2 Responses

  1. Norm says:

    Majorly geek cool to be at CES…wish I was there.

  2. zac says:

    i’ve decided I’m going next year… in Moscow, Russia right now wishing I was in nice, warm VEGAS!!! 99¢ shrimp cocktails!

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