Computer Electronics Show 2011 (CES) – Daze One

Intel Corp. Booth & Crowd at CES 2011

While Zac is enjoying his holiday partying with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, I decided to join 125,000 of my closest friends at the Computer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. CES is the largest consumer electronics show in the world, mixing the latest in PCs with TVs and content networks with game sites, all wirelessly broadcast in 3D HDTV and Dolby surround sound. While Apple has historically bypassed CES, if you can buy it at Fry’s, Best Buy or Radio Shack, it’s being shown at CES.

Android OS Tablets based on Marvell Semiconductor AMANDA ARM CPU

I spend day one walking every aisle of this massive show to get an overall flavor. Even in my daze from CES overload, one thing is clear, despite its absence, Apple’s influence is everywhere. Some first day impressions from the show:

• iPhone Form Factor
Smartphones designs similar in appearance and functionality to the iPhone are now available from every major phone supplier.

• Tablets are Hot
Without breaking a sweat, a quick count of tablet models came to 5+ e-Book vendors, 10 Windows 7 tablets, 20+ Android tablets and 5+ media tablets (e-Book + movie/music player). The big issue for the success of these non-Apple tablets will be duplicating Apple’s consumer ecosystem of iPad + iStore applications/content + marketing + application developers + developer support. It is clear from the number of manufacturers showcasing tablets matching the Apple iPad weight, size and styling that the race is on.

• Star Power in Consumer Products
Vendors made the show interesting with appearances by Crystal Bowersox (Sony concert – 3 videos here) , Lady Gaga (Polaroid), Adrian Grenier (Blackberry) and Maria Bartiromo (NBC Universal).

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