Computer Electronics Show Unveiled (CES 2012) – Minus Daze Two

I convinced Zac to flee the Great White North and join me at Computer Electronics Show (CES) in the warmer climes of Las Vegas. With cheap hotel rooms wisely booked months in advance, we made the road trip to Las Vegas. Like Vegas of lore, CES 2012 is already up and running by the slogans, “It’s Vegas baby” and “Let the Good Times Roll”.
While CES does not officially start until Tuesday, the CES event team is holding a number of pre-CES press only events. Despite safeguards, both Zac and I convinced the CES screening gods that we were press and acquired access. Today’s “CES Unveiled” event combined new product sex appeal matching a Vegas showgirl with free food and and an open bar. The CES crew had the press literally lined up for access to the latest in consumer technology. Items of interest included:

o Intelligent TV – First Round of Architecture Battle Goes To Marvell/ARM
Marvell Technology and Google announced a partnership last week to develop intelligent TV designs based on the Marvell ARM processor and Google OS. Marvell was demonstrating their reference TV design. While Marvell representatives were tight lipped on TV manufacturer product announcements, they do expect 2 or 3 Marvell based products to be announced during CES and available later this year. It will be interesting to see the reaction of other technology suppliers that have expressed interest in the intelligent TV market such as Intel and Microsoft.

o Wireless means cut the power cord
Eton showcased a number of interesting devices, including Mobius, a solar panel plus extra battery case for the iPhone; Rukus Solar, a Bluetooth sound system with solar panels; and FRX3, a hand turbine crank emergency radio. Eton wireless devices are truly moving off the grid.

o Fitness monitoring devices and services
As the baby boom generation ages, demand for health monitoring will increase. Coming to the forefront is BodyMedia Fit, an armband device for capturing and monitoring your workout. Lifestyle Connect provides an emergency calling device that connects via smartphones to their concierge service, allowing them to call either members of your social network, e.g. your son, or emergency services.

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