CS4 – A Premedia Oddysey

The December issue of Print Action magazine is hot off the presses and in the mail. The cover story is a review of the latest evolution of Adobe’s massively popular Creative Suite line… Adobe CS4. Is the upgrade worth the money? Read the review written by yours truly, and find out!

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2 Responses

  1. thomas says:

    I saw your article in Printaction this morning. You touched on the whole upgrade question at the end of the article. In this economic climate, it’s a serious question. You might be interested in the overwhelming rejection of this upgrade at this time by the prepress crowd over at printplanet. http://printplanet.com/forums/prepress-workflow-discussion/16398-adobe-lays-off-900-staff-cs4-slow-seller

    Also – does truely have an e in it?

  2. zac says:

    thanks for your comment… i’ve been following the discussion on printplanet – an excellent forum. As you know with Print, the writing is generally 4-6 weeks old by the time you read it. At the time of writing, the economic situation wasn’t quite as bad as it is now. I would have to seriously think about spending the money for the upgrade. However, having used CS4 now for more than three months, i would really have a tough time living without Smart Guides and the interface enhancements, which have really quickened my personal workflow.

    And thanks… good catch on the “truely” error, i’ll write that out correctly 10x… 😉

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