FridayPhile: Beijing Street Food – Part I

I love food, and I love Beijing – so you can guess how I feel about Beijing street food. This unique cuisine is the product of entrepreneurial vendors modifying time-tested local recipes to create the Beijing equivalent of fast food. This delight is called a “JinBingGuoZi” and costs around ¥2 (which at current exchange rates is about 30¢ CDN). The standard comes with one egg, but you can add an extra egg for ¥1. The contents are pretty much self-explanatory until it gets flipped over… a crepe, egg(s), chives and parsley – but the flip side is where it gets interesting. First 3 different sauces are “painted” on, the last one being a very spicy Sichuan pepper paste. Then the street-chef finishes with what I can only describe as a dry, crispy, deep-fried (I think) cracker-style savoury waffle before folding it into a mouth-watering little bundle.

And, as you can see in the video it takes under a minute to prepare at the hand of a skilled practitioner! 好吃!(delicious!)

JinBingGuoZi – This is the street corner in Beijing where this mouth-watering treat was made, right outside my office! (by the way, you’ll need the Google Earth plug-in for your browser if you want to click on the “Earth” view… i find it sometimes crashes browsers, so beware!)

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2 Responses

  1. Norm says:

    The jinbing is great! I had one when visiting Beijing. Wandered down a side street at about 6 am and there was a line up already….always a good sign. Before I knew it, I was next in line. Pointed and said “yi ger”. And away she went. Smoking hot for the thin plastic bags they use. Bringing a container next time.

  2. zac says:

    yep, those bags can be a challenge in addition to a major source of pollution. you can see them snarled in the trees nearly everywhere! funny thing, it takes only a minute to make, but you usually have to wait 10 minutes before it’s cool enough to eat… a very LONG 10 minutes.

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