FridayPhile: Smashing Apples

I wouldn’t normally condone the smashing of perfectly good products for the sake of art, but these images are both stunning and disconcerting. I discovered the work of artist Michael Tompert on the Techxilla website recently. The exhibit is called 12LVE and according to the artist seeks to “depict iconoclastic details of devotionals of our culture”. 12LVE is the result of a collaboration with photographer Paul Fairchild and features Apple products altered by a variety of destructive tools ranging from a hand gun to a sledgehammer. The Cult of Mac site has an in-depth article about the show including some incredible “making of” photos.

The exhibition opened on November 12, 2010 at San Francisco’s Live Worms Gallery and has attracted significant media attention. Tompert made his name as a photo-realistic rendering artist and works out of Raygun Studios in the bay area. You can follow the exhibition through the artist’s Facebook page.

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