FridayPhile: Worst Album Covers of All Time

Some examples of bad album art… though I suspect the music isn’t too good either! If you can handle it, click here to see the top 100 Worst Album Covers of all time!

For the most part, I really enjoy the convenience of digital media. The ability to carry a tera-byte of tunes in your shirt pocket compensates for many of the perceived shortcomings of digital audio. Having said that, there’s one thing I still miss… album cover art! I still own a sizeable collection of records in the original sleeves and enjoy perusing liner notes and artwork while listening to the warm crackle and pop that can only come from vinyl. The canvas shrank with the advent of CDs, but designers still strived for innovation and beauty in their packaging. Sadly, in this age of the download, I get all excited over sourcing out a 500 x 500 pixel album cover on to stick into my iTunes collection – a far cry from the beautiful 12″ format.

There was something magical about that square foot of artistic expression where music and graphic arts would collide to produce high art… and also some real crap. Thankfully someone out there with intestinal fortitude had the gumption to compile 149 of the worst examples of album cover art ever produced. This gut-churing compendium of the damned ranges from “what were they thinking?” to “this is the finest example of intentionally bad design I’ve ever seen!”… in any event, if your artistic sensibilities can handle the onslaught, it’s worth a look just to see how far musical packaging can sink.

If you’re interested in examples of GOOD album cover art, there are several good books on the subject – visit your local bookstore. Also, recently published their readers’ picks for the BEST album covers of all time.

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