Home Stretch – CES 2012 Daze Four

Panasonic’s Wall of 3D HDTVs

It’s day four, and the final day of CES. Time to take advantage of the fact half the attendees have already left town to hit the popular main hall, land of TVs, home networks and camera goods.

The main hall is haunted by two industry specters who are not in attendance. Apple is driving the direction of “Smart TV”, a.k.a. home entertainment networks and sharing content across devices. Hollywood is driving 3D content and viewing. Add to that mix a technology competition to see who can manufacture the biggest and thinnest flat panel screen for that home theater of your dreams.

Smart TV
With no industry leadership, or very little, the TV manufacturers are striking out on their own, creating their own standards and ecosystems before Apple can enter the market. Sony announced the ability to access their library of music and store pictures across the cloud to their devices, and showcased a SmartTV “Powered by Google TV”. Samsung has built a proprietary network of home appliances such as refrigerators and washer/dryer with their PCs, tablets and Smartphones. Following Apple’s example, they are having software developers create content exclusively for the Samsung ecosystem. Not to be outdone and showing increasing capability, Haier was showing a home network driven by a SmartTV interface similar to Samsung. Available only in China today, Haier hopes to support it in world markets soon.

3D TV Without Glasses
This year the movement to 3D TV as standard is on. Walls of high definition TVs showcased last year were replaced by walls of 3D high definition TVs. However, I’m more impressed by the wave of glassless 3D systems. LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp and Sony all showed glassless 3D high definition TVs.

Off in the corner of Technicolor was also an up and coming major 3D technology. The folks at Technicolor have developed a simple green (go)/red (stop) 3D depth finder dot for cameras. The purpose is to “focus” 3D to the proper depth, eliminating 3D that hurts the eyes. Aimed at professional Hollywood movie cameras today, they hope to integrate the technology into consumer 3D video recorders, 3D digital cameras and other devices

Large and Thin is In for Home Entertainment
LG showcased the largest 84 inch Ultra Definition 3D TV and 55 inch OLED 3D TV. Sharp showcased an 80 inch LED with 3D as part of their Aquos line. Sharp also showed a technology demo focused on 8K resolution LCD, doubling the resolution of existing displays. Panasonic showcased consumer styling of high definition TVs with their DT, WT and VT series of TVs.

Panasonic Thin Thin Thin LCD designer displays

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    Patrick, thanks for the CES overview. Quite enjoyable. It sounds like you guys had a good time.

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