I Fell Into A Burning Ring of… DVD’s

A guy like me is often called upon to act as technical support for his friends. Not because I am particularly capable, but anyone who knows me understands my deep and abiding geekishness in addition to my love of tackling a good tech problem.

Today was no different as my buddy Patrick (not his real name, well, ok… it is) sent me this e-mail…

I bought some DVD-R’s to make a backup.

I’ve tried just using Finder window and Disk Utilities to “burn” a directory/make an image.

It keeps barfing and saying the DVD does not have enough space.  Is thinks I have 498 KB on each disk.   Meanwhile, in Disk Utilities, it says it’s a blank disk.

Any ideas?   What is the way you make a DVD backup file on the Mac?

Every now and then things are so “intuitive” no one can figure it out….

I’ve been burning media as long as I can remember on Mac, XP and Vista, but oddly – I’ve never really used the burning tools provided by the OS, instead opting for 3rd party solutions. This is probably because either the OS tools don’t exist (Windows XP), or they are overly simplistic and lack adequate configuration settings (Mac OS X, Vista). In other words – OS-based disc burning SUCKS!

While Mac solutions come and go, Roxio’s Toast (www.roxio.com) is by far the tribal elder of the pack, offering a robust range of disc burning tools for virtually any media-writing need. Toast recently reached the ripe old milestone of “Toast 9 Titanium” – I’ve been using Toast for several years now, since version 3 or 4 I think. I won’t go headlong into the features, you can get all that data from the website – suffice it to say that Toast follows the Jobs-ian Mac mantra “it just works”.

Meanwhile, in Windows-world Nero rules the kingdom of burning discs (www.nero.com) with a full range of tools matching both range and scope of Roxio’s Mac powerhouse.

So whether Mac or PC, you’re best disc burning experience is going to come from a 3rd party solution, likely an intentional move from Apple and MicroSoft to bolster their developers market!

And by the way, if your computer keeps “barfing”, perhaps your computer should upgrade it’s brand of Malt Liqour!

TRIVIA for the DAY: Did you know that “DISK” spelled with a “K” refers to magnetic media such as hard disks, and “DISC” with a “C” represents optical media?

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4 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    I thought DISK and DISC are the same, it’s interesting to know:)

    And for Nero, I used several versions, but I prefer older version personally, the version older, the trash less, I mean mainly I use Nero to burn cd or dvd, the new powerful version always comes with some new features which I don’t need, and they’re checked by default during installation, that’s the part I don’t like.

  2. Patrick says:

    As the relatively new Mac user burning his first DVD on the Mac, I assumed that Apple had built-in decent DVD burning app when they built-in DVD drives as standard.

    After wasting 5 blank DVD on my Mac with various system apps giving such helpful hints like reporting my blank DVD disks were blank, but somehow only had 500K total disk space, I gave up and got Toast Titanium. Works like a charm. However the 5 DVDs tried on system apps were unrecoverable.

    I guess the Apple rep of “it just works” only goes so far.

  3. zac says:

    try burning a disc in VISTA without 3rd party help!

  4. Patrick says:

    I agree. Vista is worse than OS/X. However, Apple is the company presenting itself as unique and everything works together. It is the entire thrust behind the “I’m a Mac. I’m a PC” advertising campaign by Apple. You live by the marketing slogan (and raise customer expectations), you die by the marketing slogan.

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