Intel Update – CES 2013 Daze Two

A sunny day in Vegas greeted us for day 2 of CES – Zac and I hit North Hall with a sneak peak at Intel in the Main Hall.

I want to believe, but I’m beginning not to care

Tree of Ultrabooks or Notebooks or Whatever & Booth Fixtures From Last Year

Tree of Ultrabooks or Notebooks or Whatever & Booth Fixtures From Last Year

Intel continues its focus inward on technology, fab processes and architecture. Paul Otellini, Intel’s CEO was spotted attending CES this year. Still, it’s no surprise that Intel decided to skip a CES keynote this year. I doubt there was enough consumer oriented announcements to warranted one., Intel’s Director of Creative Development was M.I.A. At it’s press presentation on Monday Intel’s theme was “game changers” based on the 1913 Norte Dame – Army football game. That looking back versus forward says it all. Intel’s presentation at CES was a rehash Intel progress report of so many smartphone designs, so many customer Ultrabook products on the shelves, measurements of so many widgets of x86. It was an internal sales report to management or a stocking of the shelves status report vs. anything a consumer wants to hear, or cares about. The press update by VPs Mike Bell and Kirk Skaugen was an update of last year’s update of the previous year of the …. Even the Intel booth is a rehash of last year’s booth, with this year’s “tree of Ultrabooks” vs. the “wall of Pentiums” shown the mid 90’s. Oh well, back to the North Hall.

(to be completed)

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