iPhone Apps I actually use – Part I

My iPhone home screen with essential Apps. Clockwise: BigStopWatch; GPS Drive; BBC Reader; Vehical; GorillaCam; Spending.

Although a recent convert to the iPhone, I bought the very first version of the iPod Touch just days after it’s release back in September, 2007. And, like most people, I started adding Apps to the thing minutes after the App Store’s debut in iTunes, July 2008. Since then I’ve run the gamut of having hundreds of stupid Apps for everything from farting to making annoying sounds (like the farts weren’t annoying enough), to keeping my collection pared down to essential services with a few fun distractions. Aside from many of the default Apple Apps, I reserve space on my iPhone main screen for a few of my favourite Apps that see daily use. [Warning: These iTunes Links will want to launch iTunes, if you don’t what that to happen… don’t click]

BigStopWatch by Yuki Yasoshima   Price: FREE [iTunes link]

Just like the name says, it’s a big stopwatch, but it works, looks cool and is free. I like my eggs boiled for 7 min. 15 sec. PRECISELY!

MotionX GPS Drive by MotionX   Price: 99¢ [iTunes link]

This is a great little GPS App with turn-by-turn navigation sold on a subscription basis – the 99¢ price gets you the first month of turn-by-turn, thereafter it’s $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year through in-App purchase. I use a Griffin Road Trip FM transmitter to hold the iPhone at eye level and play tunes through my truck’s old-school FM radio. By the way, GPS Drive includes iPod controls and the turn-by-turn voice speaks over the music… way cool! Funny thing, even though I’ve lived in my home city for ages (and I thought I knew all the best A-to-B routes), GPS Drive is teaching me more efficient ways to get around.

BBCReader with Mobile Feed by New Way To See News Price: FREE

I find the BBC news website to be a good, relatively unbiased source of world news. This BBC Reader App conveniently displays all the day’s headlines and a quick link to the article on the BBC News site. Still, I wish BBC would make an App for this.

VehiCal by Red Cube Canada Price: FREE [iTunes Link]

If you have a car and need to track expenses, this is a good (and free) way to do it. Just enough features to be useful, not so many features as to be daunting.

Gorillacam by Joby Price: FREE [iTunes Link]

Better than the Apple iPhone camera software, Gorillacam has a full set of great features including a self-timer, anti-shake function, grid and bubble level. That little iPhone tripod they plug on the website looks pretty cool too!

ExpenseTracker Spending by AppCheer Price $2.99  [iTunes Link]

Last but not least is another boring, yet essential App for tracking daily expenses. Spending is user-configurable, easy to navigate and offers a variety of simple analysis and export options. There’s a less robust LITE version for free.

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