iPhone’s Insane Lust for Power!

I was talking to a friend today about her new iPhone and the fact that battery life left much to be desired. Her iPhone would run out of juice mid-day which is quite inconvenient for a sales rep on the go! There’s all kind of reasons why an iPhone (or any multi-function smartphone for that matter) might drain the battery in a few hours, however it usually comes down to configuration. By default, the iPhone has the screen brightness on maximum and is constantly searching for a WiFi signal or Bluetooth device. Simply turning off these functions when you don’t need them and dimming your screen (and turning ON the Auto-Brightness) can add hours to your battery life. For more battery-saving tips, check out this excellent article on KnowYourMobile.com.

Another way to ween your iPhone from the wall outlet is to charge your battery while you drive. There are numerous car chargers on the market, many combined with FM radio transmitters so you can listen to your iPhone if your car stereo lacks an auxiliary input. I’ve been using the Griffin RoadTrip 2008 because the dock attached to a flexible “arm” holds the iPhone up at dashboard level. This is great when using the iPhone as a GPS. However, lately the attached 12v power adapter has been losing contact whenever my truck goes over a bump – shutting down the audio and disconnecting the iPhone. I’ve lodged a complaint with Griffin as this should be a warranty issue – I’ll let you know the outcome.

So if cutting power consumption or charging in your car still doesn’t give you enough juice, you can also opt for an external battery pack. There’s hundreds of different models on the market at a wide range of prices – most quite expensive. I’ve found a good external battery from the folks at Monoprice (pictured above) – only $15 USD and it has enough juice to recharge the phone twice!

By the way, all this applies to the iPod Touch as well! If anyone else knows any good power-saving tips or charging accessories, post them to the comments!

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