Macword Expo is coming!

I can vividly remember my first visit to Macworld Expo back in January 1991. The show was lively and crowded, but what really stood out in my memory was being in the heart of San Francisco on the eve of the first Gulf War. I was staying at the St. Francis hotel, right on Union Square and witnessed a spontaneous gathering of more then 10,000 peace activists outside my front door.

I attended Macworld Expo annually (with a few exceptions) right up the 2008 show at the Moscone Center. Macworld was more than just an Apple corporate love-in for me – it was a chance to reconnect with the Mac community and see the latest and greatest 3rd party applications and accessories.

After the 2009 announcement that Apple would no longer participate in this annual event, I wondered about the future and feasibility of continuing. Rumours were rampant that Apple would exhibit at the massive 2010 Consumer Electronics Show hosted in Las Vegas, but that didn’t come to pass. And sadly, Apple now has enough media pull to host it’s own “events” such as the recent iPad announcement and be ensured of ample press.

So, this year Macworld Expo has returned to its roots as a self-directed gathering of the Mac faithful. The first big change is the date of the Expo, the show now runs Feb. 9th to 13th rather than the first week of January and includes a Saturday for those stuck in offices throughout the week. The focus of the show has been shifted from Apple corporate to the Apple ecosystem of software and hardware developers. If you’re going to go, expect to see some cool gadgets and innovative software products. The press releases I’ve received so far suggest some very cool product announcements. Likewise, the simultaneous user conference will offer the usual wide array of opportunities to learn something new.

Sadly, scheduling conflicts and tight budgets mean that I won’t be attending this year, but hopefully the new show format will find its legs and will carry Macworld Expo through to 2011. If any readers are going, be sure to contact me if you’re interested in doing a write up or posting some images. Likewise, if anyone is planning to go and would like some complimentary hall passes, check out this offer on the KenexLive blog.

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  1. midtoad says:

    What? No Zac Report from MacWorld this year? Bummer!

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