I write articles for several publications including PRINT ACTION, a leading graphic arts magazine. If you like reading magazines online, Print Action has a cool viewer for checking out past issues. However, consider subscribing–printed magazines are nice to handle and read on real, live paper. I’m also an occasional contributor to other magazines such as Routes Magazine, Canadian Electronics and Design Product News.

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February 2015
Small technology is big at CES 2015 | Canadian Electronics & Design Product News
MEMS (Micro electro-mechanical systems) are everywhere! In fact your smartphone probably has up to six inside. Read all about the MEMS revolution at this year’s CES.

February 2015
Zigbee mesh connects Internet of Things | Canadian Electronics –
Are your kitchen appliances talking about you behind your back? If so, they’re using Zigbee to do it! Read about the new applications for Zigbee and low-energy Bluetooth showing at CES 2015.

February 2015
More Vector, Less Money | Print Action –
Serif Software launches Affinity Designer for Mac–the first credible alternative for Adobe Illustrator. Does it make the cut? Read the review and find out!

November 2014
The Quark Alternative | Print Action –
In 2002 I made the switch to InDesign and broke the chains binding me to QuarkXPress. In 2014 I take a fresh look at the new XPress to see if Quark users really can go home again.

September 2014
Rocky Mountain 3D | Print Action –
 Recently Cranbrook BC based Rocky Mountain Print Services added 3D printing to the mix with the installation of a MakerBot Replicator capable of printing high-resolution objects. Is there any place for 3D printing in a commercial sheet-fed printshop? Read the article to find out…

August 2014
Life without Photoshop |
Print Action –
 Imagine if you dare a world without Photoshop – a barren image editing wasteland offering little to comfort those longing to adjust a photo’s hue, or straighten and crop a wayward picture. Sounds like a pretty bleak existence, doesn’t it? Thankfully it doesn’t have to be.

June 2014
Protect your software investment with virtual machines | Print Action –
What happens when the next version of Mac OS X or Windows 9 breaks your installation of Adobe CS6? The answer is surprising simple–make a virtual machine! You can read all about it in the June Print Action!

May 2014
InDesign and Illustrator Evolve In The Creative Cloud | Print Action – Earlier this year, Adobe unleashed the first major upgrade to its Creative Cloud applications since the Suite launched in May 2013. While Photoshop CC enhancements initially grabbed the spotlight; new features were also added to both Illustrator and InDesign applications. Will these enhancements make life any easier for designers and prepress pros?

April 2014
Photoshop CC goes 3D | Print Action – In the April edition of Print Action magazine I scrutinize Adobe’s recent Creative Cloud update in my Photohop CC review. New features have been added such as support for 3D printing and 3D object manipulation in addition to a new Perspective Warp tool and Linked Smart Objects–do these features matter? Read all about it!

February 2014
Motion sensors working overtime at CES 2014 | Design Product News – In the CES 2014 Motion TechZone, developers demonstrated the latest in sensor technology coming to products soon. The magazine only had space for an abridged version of the article. You can read the full version on my blog.

February 2014
CES 2014: Further down the driverless road | Canadian Electronics – In the Driverless Car Experience TechZone I learned the latest developments in automated and enhanced automobile technology.

February 2014
CES 2014: 3D, 4K, Drones and E Ink | Print Action – At this year’s International Consumer Electronics the halls of the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Centre were crowded with 3D printers, 4K TV, E Ink displays and lots and lots and lots of flying drones!

September 2013
Bright Likes, Big Tweety Part III: Making Social Media Count | Print Action – The third and final instalment of my social media series takes a look under the hood of web analytics and how to measure the impact of your message.

June 2013
Bright Likes, Big Tweety Part II: Desperately Seeking Gurus | Print Action – In the second instalment we talk to social media experts about how to make an impact in a crowded social media universe.

May 2013
Bright Likes, Big Tweety Part I: Covering Your Assets | Print Action – The first of a three-part series on social media reviews the most popular online platforms for disseminating your words.

March 2013
Consumer Cloak & Dagger at CES 2013 | Routes Magazine – You might be surprised at what you can find in the back lanes of the worlds largest consumer tech exhibition!

February 2013
Favourite Software Upgrades of 2012 | Print Action – While 2012 was a relatively lackluster year for new software releases, developers released some significant upgrades.

February 2013
Scenes from CES 2013 | Print Action – CES 2013 showcased more than 3,200 exhibitors and 1.92 million square feet of gadgetry. Join me as I wander the cavernous Las Vegas Convention Centre.

December 2012
Acrobat XI gets down to business | Print Action – Adobe refocuses Acrobat XI Pro on the eBusiness market with practical new features.

September 2012
London’s Ethereal Olympic Legacy | Print Action – A look at London’s efforts to use temporary structures and VLF inkjet for the 2012 Olympic games.

July 2012
Software for Sale or RentA review of CS6, Adobe’s latest iteration of their Creative Suite.

April 2012
Cloudy with a Chance of Datum – Join me on my mystical pilgrimage through the cloudy world of online storage and backup services.

January 2012
Six Ways To Skin An Alien – A comprehensive review of Alien Skin’s powerful plug-in suite for Adobe Photoshop.

September 2011
Pulpability – A Look Inside Asia Pulp and Paper – This past summer I toured APP China’s Hainan operations and saw first-hand their vertically integrated plantation to paper mill workflow. Could this purveyor of “green-cycle” paper be the same APP reviled for their ignoble Indonesian environmental record?

July 2011
QR Codes – Printer’s Panacea or Marketing Misfire – You see these cryptic marks everywhere these days, providing a print link to the digital world. But do they really work?

June 2011
The Accidental iPad: Part 2 – eBooks eMerging
In my continuing quest to justify my unbridled gadget buying, I look into using an iPad2 as a long-form eReader… and come to some surprising conclusions.

May 2011
The Accidental iPad: Part 1 – The Rise of Neo Magazines
– A new issue of Wired Magazine arrived in the mail on the same day I accidentally bought an iPad2. You can guess what happens next…

April 2011
2011 Words About Word 2011A review of everybody’s favourite application (well, maybe not favourite, but most used…)

March 2011
Quark Stakes Its Claim in the iPad Publishing Gold Rush Quark announces Xpress 9 and the App Studio for building iPad publications

January 2011
The Adobe Acrobat X Files
– The truth is out there… a review of the latest version of Acrobat

November 2010
Building Bridges with Pitstop Connect A review of Enfocus’ preflight and FTP solution.

September, 2010
T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.B.C. – The online quest for free business cards

August, 2010
Plug In, Turn On and Pinch Pixels
A review of onOne Software’s Plug-In Suite 5

June, 2010
Eyjafjallajökull: The Ipex Diaries Fear and Loathing in Birmingham at Europe’s biggest printing trade show!

May, 2010
Adobe CS5 Delivers the goods – The next chapter in the Creative Suite saga

April, 2010
Snow Leopard Strikes Back
– Suppose they gave an OS War and nobody came?

December, 2009
The (d)Evolution of the Font – Four conversations about the future of the font business

November, 2009
iPhone Apps for Printing – New iphone apps for the graphic arts

October, 2009
Quark Promotes, Markzware Searches and Adobe Stays Home – Print 09, Chicago, Sept. 11-16th

August, 2009
How I spent my Summer Stay-cation – online training options for the stay-at-home vacation

July, 2009
iPhone and iFuture of Print – how mobile apps are eroding print

June, 2009
China Print 2009 – and the state of trade shows

May, 2009
Getting Real In The Virtual World – the advent of virtual machines

April, 2009
Inkjet and Commercial Printing – high speed inkjet in a sheetfed world

March, 2009
Any Portal In A Storm – the current state of Web-to-Print

February, 2009
When Design-a-saurs roamed the earth – the rise of independent software developers

January, 2009
How I leared to love a spectro and tame a printer– A review of the Xrite ColorMunki Photo

December, 2008
CS4 – A Premedia Odyssey – first look at the new “old” kid on the block

November, 2008
The Ultimate Machine for Extreme Prepress – choosing the right workstation

October, 2008
Hey You, Get Off Of My Cloud!
– all about cloud computing

August, 2008
Quark’s Midlife Crisis – a review of Quark XPress 8

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