Monday Freebie: Drawberry

Drawberry’s confusing interface promises a lot of features, but implements them awkwardly. (click for a close-up look at the interface)

First let me say that Adobe is safe for the time being – Illustrator is still king of the mountain for drawing programmes. Having said that, I’ve always felt that competition is a good thing, especially FREE competition. Drawberry is a vector drawing application developed by French programmer Raphael Bost. For a free application, Drawberry is a pretty impressive bit of code. With a little finagling you can get the app to draw simple illustrations, fill them with colour and manage things on layers. You can even open PDF or AI files saved with a PDF preview in Drawberry, though you can’t do much with them once they are open.

I do like the magnifying loupe for examining objects up close, but I don’t accept it as a substitute for being able to zoom in on objects. Also, you can place text in your drawing, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the font or size! Also, the inability to view your work in wireframe is a bit of a problem.

The documentation is misleadingly sparse, suggesting that the application is intuitive and simple to learn. I found quite the opposite, but perhaps that’s because I’ve got too many years of Macromedia Freehand and Illustrator workflow imprinted on my brain.

I applaud Mssr. Bost for building a free vector drawing application and look forward to future versions. Currently Drawberry is only useful for hobbyists dabbling with vector drawing or children working on graphics for their social studies reports. But, as I said earlier… it is FREE, so it can’t hurt to take a look at this application. Personally, I’ll be sticking with Illustrator but I’ll keep an eye on this upstart and maybe one day…

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