Monday Freebie: Generate your own QR Code

At first glance you suspect you’ve just spotted some cryptic graffiti, perhaps the tag of a delinquent extra-terrestrial. Then on closer inspection, you wonder if this could be some new kind of crossword puzzle. Yet somehow you know it means something, perhaps even something significant, but you cannot recall what this thing is or how to use it.

You’ve just stepped into the QR Zone!

QR stands for Quick Response, which one would naturally think has something to do with marketing. It doesn’t. It’s called Quick Response because the contents can be decoded and read at high speeds by a machine –not by you. Though the name may not be familiar, most people are at least aware of these distinctive talismans sprouting up everywhere. Cities, towns and villages are littered with these enigmatic glyphs, each offering the lure of secrets embedded deep within a matrix of mystery.

To read one of these cryptic ideograms, just download one of the many free QR Reader Apps available for most smartphone platforms. The Mobile Barcode website has a very comprehensive list of QR Readers available.

I’ve just finished writing a feature article about QR Codes and their impact on both mobile marketing for Print Action Magazine for the upcoming July 2011 edition. As usual, I’ll be posting a PDF of the article here when it is published, however in the meantime… why not have a little fun?

Below I’ve embedded a QR Code Generator courtesy of the folks at Mobile Barcode. You can choose the type of barcode you want to create, enter your text, click “generate” and voila… instant QR Code. You can make a VCARD code containing your personal contact info, or perhaps write a snappy Haiku poem for your QR Code.

You’re only limited by your imagination… so use it!


QR-Code Generator by

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  1. Norm says:

    Thanks for pointing this out a while ago. It’s a fun personal “gadget”. And I used the QR codes while fridge and stove shopping recently to great convenience right in the store.

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