Monday Freebie: iPhone Tracker

Wow, look at all the places I’ve been… hey! I don’t remember going to Lethbridge!

The media’s been buzzing this past week with the revelation that iPhones/iPads record your location information to a log file on an ongoing basis. So far, the public’s reactions have ranged from indifference to outrage. But really, nobody should be surprised. Mobile phone telco’s have been tracking your location for years without your knowledge (though  you probably gave them permission at some point while signing up for service).

For quite a while, fans of dystopian author John Twelve Hawks have been aware of the potential for The Man to follow your everyday movements utilizing existing off-the-shelf technologies.

In any event, if you’re a curious iDevice owner and would like to see where you’ve been recently, a FREE open-source application called iPhone Tracker is available for download.


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  1. Norm says:

    Cool. Initially thought that there was a problem with the consolidated.db file as it didn’t show all the locations my iPad had been too. However, recalled that it really only started the tracking with iOS 4.3.

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