Monday Freebie: MacJanitor

Back in the day when computing meant UNIX and mainframes were nestled within the ivory towers of universities, digital gear ran 24/7. This not only ensured that computing hardware was always at the ready, but also protected the fragile OS and installed programmes which once running, were better left alone. Like any OS, UNIX stores numerous log files and information caches which are meant to be temporary. This wasn’t a problem in the old days because UNIX would run embedded routines to execute daily, weekly and monthly cleaning chores during the wee hours of the morning.

As you probably know, Mac OS X is based on UNIX and although a thoroughly modern operating system, still manages those temporary caches and logs the same way.  However, in today’s mobile world almost nobody leaves their Mac on 24/7, instead choosing to shut down daily. As a result, these log files can pile up, and the caches don’t get cleared which could eventually cause system problems and a loss of performance.

Now you can delete these log files and clear the caches yourself if you’re comfortable working with the OS X terminal and know how to do it, but there’s also a lot of good utilities out there that will do the job for free. One of the better apps I’ve come across is MacJanitor, a straightforward and easy-to-use tool for precisely this purpose. According to the developer, MacJanitor is FREE (as in FREE BEER) and just works! So, if you like the application and run into the developer in a bar, you owe  him a frosty one!

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