Monday Freebie: NovaBench

NovaBench results for my MacBook Pro…

OK, OK, so it’s Tuesday… better late than never, right? I found this great little benchmarking tool yesterday while perusing the CNET download site. Any technology enthusiast worth their salt will want to know just how fast their machine is and how it compares to similar hardware. NovaTech fills this need nicely with this great benchmarking app – NovaBench. This app provides a simple and effective way to test and compare your system’s hardware and graphics capabilities.

But besides just satisfying the curiosity of the inner geek, NovaBench fills a real utilitarian need. As a computer ages, the operating system evolves.  Most users install and remove various programmes and OS enhancements over the life of the machine. This can cause performance degradation over time as the OS environment becomes cluttered. By running a benchmark monthly and tracking the results in a spreadsheet, you can monitor your computers health and make informed decisions about upgrading your hardware or reinstalling the OS.

NovaBench results for my Windows 7 Pro virtual machine running in Parallels.

Unlike other benchmarking tools, NovaBench is available in both Windows and Mac flavours, enabling users to make cross-platform comparisons. You can even benchmark virtual machines! And did I mention that its FREE?

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2 Responses

  1. Norm says:

    Thanks Buddy. This makes it as my first app to download from the Mac App Store.

  2. zac says:

    Norm, send me your benchmark when you get it… and 新年快乐 (happy new year)!

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