Monday Freebie: Phone Disk

As a part-time software reviewer and full-time geek, I occasionally come across something really cool that you can have for FREE! That’s right, $0 – nada – zilch – libre! This weeks freebie is a great little utility called Phone Disk from the folks at Macroplant.

Back in the day, when you plugged your iPod into your Mac or PC, with the help of iTunes it would mount on the desktop and you could use it as a hard disk. In those dark days before the ubiquitous USB Drive, this was a great convenience for those wanting to pack a few work files around without carrying a bulky hard disk. My old iPod Photo 60gb still works like this, and I actually use it to offload digital cameras while travelling. Needless to say, I was a little miffed when I discovered my shiny new iPod Touch no longer did this when I first plugged it in back in September, 2007!

Thankfully, Phone Disk brings this function to Apple’s latter generation mobile devices, the iPhone and iPod Touch. After a simple install, Phone Disk lives in a drop down menu in Application Menu Bar… just select “Reveal In Finder…” and voila, your mobile device immediate mounts on the desktop … Wheeee! From that point on, your device acts like any other hard disk. You can access your iPhone photos, or copy files for storage on your iPod Touch. The only downside is that Apple’s largest capacity iPhone is still only 32gb, and I’m constantly struggling to free up space. Fortunately, the iPod Touch currently ships with up to 64gb, with the potential for larger capacities when Apple does their annual iPod refresh this September.

Phone Disk is free until September 1st, 2010, then will sell for $10 (which is still a pretty good price for a useful piece of shareware). To be clear, if you install Phone Disk before September 1st… you own it, and future incremental updates will be free! Unfortunately Phone Disk is currently only available for the Mac. If anyone knows of a similar app for Windows, please let me know!

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