Monday Freebie: Waze GPS

I hate traffic… and I love free stuff… so you can imagine my delight in discovering WAZE, the free turn-by-turn GPS App with community-reported realtime traffic data. I’ve tried a number of GPS Apps on my old iPhone 3GS over the years with varying degrees of success, but found most either too expensive or inaccurate for the region I spend most of my time driving in. As I rarely drive to an address I don’t already know the location of, the realtime traffic data is my primary reason for using a GPS App. That’s why I like WAZE! The streaming traffic data is supplemented by updates from other local drivers I’m sharing the road with.

Left: WAZE users can quickly report a variety of traffic issues (hopefully, they pull over before they start poking their smartphones). Right: Traffic reports appear onscreen based on a user-adjustable location radius.

The WAZE interface is easy to understand and the navigation search function integrates nicely with your smartphones address book. However, the killer feature that sets WAZE apart from the other GPS Apps is its ability to “learn” your favourite routes, a feature lacking in other popular Apps such as Motion X GPS Drive. Mysteriously, the only feature WAZE seems to be missing is the ability to add a destination marker for a location without an address — one would expect this as a standard feature for any GPS application.

WAZE is available as a free download for all major smartphone operating systems including iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. You can find a download link for your particular flavour on their website.

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