Netflix Canada Launches Today

In a surprise move, video rental giant Netflix launched their Canadian online streaming service today (well, it was a surprise to me anyways!). While Netflix made their Canadian expansion plans clear earlier this year, they declined to name a date. As an eager media-addict I had signed up for advance notification, but apparently their marketing team felt they should launch first and tell me later! 😉

In any event, the Canadian service is streaming only and appears to offer a limited selection of movies and TV series, differing somewhat from what the US mothership offers. For example, we get Mad Men, they don’t… they get everything else, we don’t! Initially, will stream to Sony PS3, Wii, iOS devices (read: Apple TV) and of course, your Mac or PC with XBox 360 support promised soon.

Coincidentally, I’ve been working on a magazine article (and blog postings) on the future of cable TV and the broadcast media industry in an online world so this announcement couldn’t come a better time from a research perspective! So, to quote the venerable TV emcees of yesteryear, tune into the next episode of SoftCircus for more TV fun…

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2 Responses

  1. midtoad says:

    Netflix is so lame they hired actors to hang out on the street and pretend to be members of the public who were enthusiastic about the arrival of this product (and they had to apologize to CBC after getting caught out). That should tell you something about the ethics of this organization.

  2. zac says:

    eh, after this weeks abysmally biased reporting of the “rave” at Simon’s Valley Ranch, the media aren’t exactly clean either!

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