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In nature there are certain signs that tell you whats going to happen next, like when the leaves fall of the trees you know that winter is coming. In the Apple Store ecology when a product’s shipping status changes from “IN STOCK” to “3 to 5 Business Days”, that generally means new product is coming soon. In this case, I think its safe to assume that new MacBook Pro models will be released this week. The rumoured configurations are all over the map – MacBook Air Pro; SSD for OS/hard disk for data, no optical drive, etc. At this stage the only consensus seems to be that new MacBook Pros are on the way and will be announced on Thursday to coincide with Steve Jobs birthday.

As if that wasn’t enough to take a round out of my wallet, Kara Swisher over at D | All Things Digital is reporting that Apple will host a major product launch on March 2 in San Francisco. Smart money is on the iPad 2 roll-out.

Interestingly, some Taiwanese analyst shot his mouth off suggesting that both iPad 2 and iPhone 5 would be delayed for 3-4 months and this has caused APPL stock price to drop! Of course, this rumour has no basis in reality and will likely be further countered next Wednesday. I’m not sure who’s dumber… the analyst or the nervous investors who believed him?

I’m moving next month and I was saving for some furniture… but after these announcements, my budget and I might have to consider sitting on the floor for a few months!

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  1. Norm says:

    Who needs furniture?? You only need your lap.

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