Old Spice slaps on social media and enjoys the cool, refreshing smell of success

Old Spice Social Media Marketing Campaign – Last YouTube Video In Series


The marketing gurus at Old Spice launched an innovative marketing experiment in social media two weeks ago, putting together their debonair Mr. Isaiah Mustafa with a camera crew, social media gurus and a writing team to solicit questions from fans on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs. In a quick response fashion they wrote, recorded, and uploaded their responses to YouTube. The campaign generated 87 YouTube videos (I counted more on YouTube) in the course of three days, pulled in the participation of celebrities and was a tour de force in mixing and combining the elements of social media.

What fascinates me about this campaign is the marketing effectiveness on multiple levels.

Multiple celebrities joined in the fun and participated for free. Alyssa Milano (video 1, video 2, video 3 and video 4) and Rose McGowan were favorites of the campaign. They were obviously “Charmed” to the point of filming their own YouTube responses (Milano, McGowan). A quick google of the Old Spice YouTube video campaign mentioned by the press and blogs goes on for pages. The campaign was a major PR success by any measure.

A major television campaign will broadcast an advertisement 3 to 9 times over 3 to 4 weeks to be remembered by viewers. This commitment of time is needed because viewers tune out television advertisements. Advertising Age estimated a 30 second prime time ad rate in 2007 at $350,000 or more for shows like CSI with 23 million viewers. For the price of one or two TV ad placements, the team at Old Spice have mounted a social media campaign that has reached an audience of 40 million and counting. An audience not only engaged in actively viewing the advertisements but actively participating.

David Ogilvy, a master of advertising, said “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative”. Mashable reports that Old Spice Body Wash sales are up 107% since its social media campaign.

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