[Updated] Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

[Update] Things seem to have improved somewhat (speed-wise) thanks to some WP optimization tips I found online. I’ll blog about them later, but for now it looks like SoftCircus is back to normal(ish). Again, I’d be keen to hear how the site loads in your browser, so leave a comment if you have a sec.

Well, I’ve just had my first WordPress “moment”! SoftCircus has been running quite peacefully in WordPress 3.0.5 with a variety of plug-ins enabling lots of different things under the hood that I apparently thought were important. However, over the past week I’ve found page load times gradually increasing so when the WordPress 3.1 update was released yesterday, I decided to give it a try. BIG MISTAKE!

Actually, WordPress is great… the problem emanates from the plethora of 3rd party plug-ins available for WordPress. They all promise the sun and the moon, but at the end of they day these little bits of software are often poorly supported and infrequently updated. Anyways, once in a while… one of the plug-ins won’t like a WordPress update and kabloo-ie, it all comes crashing down. Fortunately I backed the blog up before updating and here we are (I think).

For the short term, I’ll be running with very few plug-ins, at least until I can build a stable ecosystem – so some of the things on SoftCircus might not work the way the have in the past. Please bear with me… and if possible, drop me a comment regarding your page loading speeds and site performance from where you’re sitting. It would really help!

As for plug-ins, to quote a Doo-Wops song, circa 1956… “What do ya expect for nuthin’, rubber biscuits?”

“Bow, Bow, Bow”

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