QR Codes – Does anybody use them?

Online marketers unanimously tout the ubiquitous QR Code as the saviour of print. And in many ways, the QR Code certainly has the potential to add a digital dimension to the static world of print. Yet many questions remain regarding their feasibility in real world use. In the July issue of Print Action magazine I write about the past, present and possible future for this cryptic code along with some real-world experiments. How well do they work? Well, you’ll just have to read the article, won’t you?

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  1. Norm says:

    Interesting article and intriguing technology. I come across QR codes mostly when shopping. As you quite rightly stated in your article, the technology is limited by imagination. And in my experience, this implies that marketers have very limited imagination. Unlike your QR vcard, which pops up summarized information that I can find useful, most of the sales QR codes direct me to a product webpage on the company’s site. Without tooling around the site, I don’t get much extra info at a glance. They may as well just have listed the URL under the product in the first place, so that at least I would know what I’m in for when I scan the code. Ideally, the savvy QR marketers would recognize the target user group is a mobile device group and tune the QR experience to provide summarized or supplemental information, with perhaps an option to link to a full experience at their usual product website. Cute link back to Soft Circus at the end of your article though.

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