Quark Flashes!

Recognizing that the dissemination of information cannot be limited to print alone, Quark been hard at work growing their traditional publishing market into Flash™, interactive and web-based media. Quark’s had a tough go of it however, competing against Adobe’s Creative Suite and it’s full compliment of cross-media authoring tools isn’t easy. In response to this challenge, Quark Xpress v8 introduced basic Flash and HTML authoring capabilities into the application, allowing print designers to add interactive elements to their work for online publishing.

Quark has now announced a series of free online seminars for Xpress users wishing to learn more about how to implement the cross-media publishing tools in Quark Xpress 8. If you’re a Xpress user, it might be worth your while to take a look at what kind of Flash animation v8 can do. Lord knows, I’ve never been able to figure out how to programme in Adobe’s Flash CS4. For further information and to register for Quark’s upcoming web seminars, contact Quark. I’ll be tuning in, and if I can actually figure out how to make a Flash animation, I’ll post it to Softcircus!

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