Software updates you’ll never forget!

It’s been difficult for me to regain my composure after yesterday’s really, really stupendously amazing Apple/Beatles announcement… honestly, my life will never be the same again! OK, all sarcasm aside, I was surprised to read this morning that all 15 Beatles albums are selling in the Top 50 category in iTunes. This includes the Beatles $149 Box Set which could hardly be considered an impulse buy. While in my opinion yesterday’s announcement still doesn’t warrant the preceding hype, it does look like Apple made a shrewd business move in landing the Beatles. I guess that’s why Steve Jobs is CEO, and I’m not! If curiosity is one of your compulsions CNN Money published an article about it this morning.

So, onto those memorable software updates…

Yet another Adobe Flash/Acrobat/Reader security update!

Once again Adobe has issued a critical update to both their Acrobat and Flash product line. Click here to read all the details, but in a nutshell, this update patches a vulnerability that allows a malicious attacker to crash the host computer and take control of the affected system. Users of Acrobat/Reader can check for updates under the “Help” menu, or go to Adobe’s updates download page. As for Flash, just install the latest version. Honestly, Adobe can’t sandbox their products quickly enough, as far as I’m concerned.

Quark Xpress v8.5

Today Quark released an update to their beleaguered flagship product Quark XPress. Quark users can download the free updater to bring their Xpress version to 8.5. Aside from the usual fixes to improve stability and functionality Quark has added import and export support for the new Microsoft Office XML document format – .docx as well as an automatic updater for future releases. Quark has also added the new Pantone™ Plus colour libraries which were released earlier this year. You can get all the details as well as a link to the updates by clicking the Mac or Windows link.

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