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When I was a kid one of the highlights of my week was the arrival of LIFE magazine. LIFE, which continued publishing in one form or another until 2000, was the first major publication to focus on photojournalism. The concept of big pictures and few words caught on, and for a while LIFE was one of the most widely circulated publications in the world. Wikipedia has a good capsule history of all three incarnations of this venerable journal. LIFE magazine hit it’s peak in the late 60’s and early 70’s covering such historic events as Woodstock, Apollo 11 and Viet Nam.

I was both surprised and pleased recently to find the those masters-of-finding-ways-to-waste-my-time – GOOGLE – had added more than 10 million images from the LIFE magazine archive to their image search. You can simply add the suffix “source:life” to any search and you’ll be restricted to the LIFE magazine archives… pretty cool! If you’re a photojournalism and history buff (like I am) you’ll find yourself wandering through the archives for hours on end…

And don’t blame me for wasting your time… that’s GOOGLE’s fault!

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  1. Patrick says:

    I wonder if an Internet version could evolve?

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