Time to Retire

Time to retire old faithful

Time to retire old faithful

The cycle of ownership of any Apple MacBook Pro (or Mac or PC) goes through 3 basic stages. You are steeped in the stage of joy when you make the purchase of a new system. Blazing fast… shiny, styled for light weight and sexy curves…and everything just works. Next comes the reliable workhorse stage. Work flows reliably and productively. When you load down old faithful with new applications and uses, it may stutter and stumble for a moment, but you are amazed as it carries on. Finally, the world moves on and your system enters the retirement stage. New applications start to overwhelm it. You get angry and frustrated with slow responses and the increasing amounts of time spent waiting.

The hints of my MacBook Pro being in the retirement stage have become increasingly obvious this year. Earlier this year when I tried to upgrade my MacBook Pro to OS/X Mountain Lion, I was politely informed by Apple support that my MacBook Pro model missed the cut off by 3 months. Move on. I beta tested Parallels 9 on my MacBook Pro. While Parallels 9 beta is much more zippy, responsive and reliable than Parallels 8, I grew increasingly frustrated. Move on! When Time Machine kicks in I usually have multiple OSs and multiple apps fighting for the same hard disk drive or WiFi bandwidth. I can easily freeze my MacBook Pro and overruns of the keyboard buffer are common. Move on!! And my friends and family laughed as I voice my frustration and hammer fruitlessly on the keyboard. Move on already!!!

It’s time. My MacBook Pro is in its last week of service. It’s been a good solid 5 year affair together. I’m now joyfully tracking the shipment of my shiny, sexy new MacBook Pro with all the curves, bells and whistles. I feel the need … the need for speed.

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