Unity Sound Saturdays featuring Papa A Side

I’m an old guy and former DJ, that is until recently. My son Ben is a respected Drum & Bass DJ based in Calgary, Alberta and one of the principals of PK Sound, an innovative speaker manufacturer and sound support company. He asked me back in December to join him for a DJ set at Broken City, a local music hotspot hosting a Saturday afternoon DJ jam. Unity Sound Saturdays features local DJs playing reggae, dub, hip-hop, downtempo, acid jazz etc., and Ben suggested I play a few tunes from my massive collection of dub and reggae records. I was only too happy to oblige and now it’s turned into a regular gig. On the second Saturday of every month Ben and I will be on the decks for some dub’n reggae fun. Feel free to join us if you are in Calgary! Anyways, I’ve digressed–Ben’s DJ moniker is Benny B-side and his pals have dubbed me Papa A Side (no pun intended).

Play Papa A Side @ Broken City
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When possible I’ll post my sets here on Softcircus when I get around to it. Also, last month’s show was webcast–and while I was aware at the time I thought only the audio was broadcast. Apparently there’s video as well. This is the entire afternoon. Ben and I are in the second half. I’m the short guy in the black and green striped shirt (playing echo-laden dub). Benny’s the chicken wing eater… Enjoy!

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