UPDATE – Apple Announces MacBook Event, Oct. 14

The long rumoured (and excessively discussed) update to the Apple MacBook line has finally been acknowledged by Apple. A media event has been officially announced for Cupertino, October 14th where Apple is expected to announce the new Fall 08 MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup. Pundits predict everything from a glass touch-screen track pad to time travel capabilities, so the event is sure to draw an abundance of media attention.

Topping the rumour list is something mysteriously referred to as “the brick”, which many think refers to a new manufacturing process of cutting a laptop body from a single block of aluminum with lasers (oooo, lasers). Personally, I’m hoping its either a REALLY BIG iPod or a REALLY SMALL computer… which amounts to the same thing, in my books.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I’m looking forward to see the brick and of course all the new things, Apple always gives me surprise, hope this time too.

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