Viva Las Gadgets! CES 2012 minus day 2

This is a $3 off-strip Vegas Bratwurst with Beer… mmm, greasy goodness!

Vegas! Oh, mighty Vegas! Temple to all that is excess of the human race! Patrick and I pulled into Vegas just about sunset on Saturday after a solemn desert drive from San Diego. On the way we saw a LOT of scrub and a very large solar farm, and very little else. As a Canadian, I have to say you guys (the Americans), got the shit half of the continent!

So, why arrive on Saturday for a trade show that starts on Tuesday? Simple, a press pass, very large shrimp and early access to the worlds largest consumer technology show. Today I sat in on a seminar covering current tech trends, most of which I was already tuned to. Its no surprise to anyone that mobile and tablets are the big growth market for 2012, and the developing world (China, Brasil, India) will drive this segment. Third world economies without legacy infrastructure to amortize will leapfrog western markets and demand the latest in telco/celluar/mobile internet technology in addition to LCD TV screens. While most westerners are focused on the latest and greatest iPhone cases, farmers in Africa are going to do whatever they can to get their hands on the most robust smartphone they can afford, even if they have to share a rural charging station.

CES 2012 will be an interesting show for a number of reasons. Firstly the rise in Intelligent TV will become apparent as everyone clamors to compete with the non-existent Apple TV set. Secondly, mobile will drive a stagnant North American market forward.

Other than that I anticipate seeing a number of tablets lamely trying to knock the iPad from its dominant position in the tech ecosystem. This TechCrunch article nicely addresses Apple’s dominance of a tradeshow they haven’t even bothered to show up at! Perhaps I’m being a tad curmudgeonly, but I really don’t expect any major announcements to grace this years show. Instead I foresee an onslaught of peripherals, each hoping to piggyback on Apple’s success. I can’t wait for day -1…


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