Viva Las Gadgets!

Regular readers of Softcircus know I tend to drop off the radar once in a while, as do my fellow scribes Patrick and Midtoad. Well, in one form or another we’re back now. Both Patrick and I will be updating Softcircus again and hopefully Midtoad soon!


On Friday, I fly to San Diego to meet up with Patrick and his vintage Porsche before departing for the Las Vegas Convention Centre on Saturday for full behind-the-scenes back-stage press access to the largest consumer electronics show on earth. We’re planning to post daily updates, photos and musings throughout the event which runs from Jan. 10 – 13th.

We’re really excited to report on all the latest trends in gadgetland exclusively for the readers of Softcircus. We’re hoping to post loads of pictures and maybe even a few videos.

In the meantime you can whet your whistle with a few of Patrick’s CES posts from last year, just click here!

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  1. Norm says:

    Looking forward to your blogs. Remember to post about the eats at various diners, drive-ins & dives that you may come across. And look out for health gadgets for me.

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