What’s all this then?

I tried to find an image of John Cleese dressed as the church police inspector from the Monty Python skit where he uttered "Wot's all this then?", but this early Compaq promo image will have to suffice.

You might have noticed that yesterday’s post was authored by someone named “Midtoad”. That’s not me! While Softcircus started as my personal blog, intended to accompany my magazine articles, I found it difficult to make the time required to update regularly. As a result, Softcircus simply stagnated. Well, I’m still a busy guy – so to prevent this from happening again I’ve invited some of my geek buddies to post as well. Aside from having more regular material to peruse, readers should benefit from a wider (and less Mac-centric) perspective on the tech industry and hopefully exposure to some new and interesting ideas. As our contributor base grows, I’ll be adding profiles to the “About” page so you can get some background on these pundits.

And, as always, your comments and feedback are appreciated.

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