What’s New – This Week’s Software Updates

Not the biggest-ever week in software as far as new releases and updates, however there are a few of note…

Quark XPress 8.01 MAC/WIN

Anyone involved in graphic design and prepress has been following the fortunes of Quark these past years as they strive to reclaim market-share from arch-enemy Adobe. My review in the August issue of Print Action magazine (Quark’s Midlife Crisis) takes a critical look at this one-time Desktop Publishing giant and its struggle to hold market-share in an increasingly cross-media Adobe-centric publishing world.

However, like a former heavy-weight boxing champ on the comeback trail, XPress 8 showed that Quark is far from K.O.’ed in the DTP arena, though they’ve still got a ways to go before winning back the hearts and minds of those making a living putting pixels on paper. This past week saw the release of a maintenance update bringing Quark XPress to 8.01. More tape on the knuckles for the upcoming bout with Adobe Creative Suite 4?


This Swiss Army Knife of media players gets better with each successive release offering a free cross-platform solution capable of playing virtually any video or audio format on the market. Don’t leave home without it.

Google Desktop MAC/WIN

An fun and easy way to add Google Gadgets to your desktop. Personally, I still have to spend a good bit of my day stuck in an XP world, so anything to brighten up my cell is a welcome addition, so long as it’s stable. If you’re already in VISTA, or on a MAC, this package is not so compelling, as you’ve already got various gadgets and widgets coming out the wazoo!

Open Office 3.0 – EVERYBODY

The current incarnation of this free and surprisingly rich office application suite is finally available to both Windows and Mac users. Open Office is a volunteer-driven open source project with the goal of bringing powerful office production applications to the non-Microsoft masses. Open Office is already widely used in the Asean region and is making inroads in the European and North American enterprise.

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    The most impressive software I’ve seen recently is Firefox 3.0, released back in June.

    While I can still find a few items that are Windows IE only (Windows Vista/Windows IE system), it just makes Safari obsolete.

  2. zbolan says:

    i agree, i’ve switched to firefox for most sites, including banking, air tickets, etc., especially when resident on windows-centric networks (i think you know the one i mean!)

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