Xmarks: Back from the brink


Last Pass, an online password manager, has acquired X-Marks… at a glance, it looks like a good fit!

A while back I wrote about Xmarks, one of those surprising little services that once implemented, quickly becomes a daily necessity. Xmarks enables cross-platform-multi-browser synchronization of your bookmarks, an invaluable bridge between your home, mobile and work computers!

Anyways, as you might recall, this robust bookmark management utility was giving away its services for free, leading to the inevitable announcement that they would be closing their doors. As I reported, their user-base rallied behind Xmarks with thousands pledging their support of a paid version of the service. Armed with this support, Xmarks became more attractive as an acquisition (which was their goal all along) and the founders were confident that the service would continue past their planned January 2011 shutdown.

This morning I received an email from the Xmark founders announcing the company’s procurement by Last Pass, a leading password management utility. I don’t really know anything about the company, but after perusing their website, it looks like Xmarks will be a welcome addition to their services. While Xmarks also offered password synchronization, I never did gain enough confidence in the service to entrust my growing list of passwords/keys to the clouds. Maybe Last Pass will be different.

The basic version of Xmarks will continue to be free, with Last Pass offering a Premium version for an annual payment of $12USD. Though I’m not certain I’d use the Premium services, I think I’ll kick them a payment out of principle… I don’t want Xmarks to disappear again!

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